Best Office Suites in 2023

There are numerous software business suites in the market. But we will be looking at the top four Business suites that have the best features and quality. The top three business suites are:

  • Google Workspace
  • Zoho Workplace
  • Microsoft 365

Google workspace

Google Workspace provides you a wide range of tools. It includes Gmail, Chat, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Sites, Google Keep, Google Jamboard, Google Apps Script and Google Cloud Search. 

Most of these software tools provided by Google are very sufficient to perform day to day business activities. Communication tools cover video conferencing, email and chat. All other tools are used for performing tasks and do real time collaboration with cloud sync.

Google has an edge over it’s competitors as most people use Google tools for personal usage. So it is very convenient for people to use Google Workspace tools as they look and work the same way. Free versions of most Google Workspace tools are available in a normal Google Account with some limited features and capabilities.

Google Workspace Email  can attach files up to 10GB and has analytics. Syncs with Google Keep and Google Calendar seamlessly. Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets support real time collaboration features where employees can work on the same file in parallel. All changes made to the files are instantly visible to collaborators and this increases the efficiency in productivity because of the time saved.

Google Drive provides you with a World Class Cloud storage solution. You can use priority folders. You could keep multiple versions of the same file with  proper timestamp tracking. You could save content from the internet directly to Google Drive. Google Drive can support most file formats, that means it can open files of various types inside the web browser itself. You could also pull out text from images in your Google Drive.

Google Workspace for Business Pricing starts at Rs.125 per user per month and is one of the cost effective options in the market. This is best suitable for Startups, Enterprise, mid size and Growing companies.


  • Useful office tools
  • Works on any browser
  • Precise collaboration and revision-tracking features
  • Corporate-friendly user management system


  • Online-only apps
  • Less powerful than comparable desktop apps
  • Offline editing requires Chrome and advance planning

Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace includes Zoho Mail, Zoho Cliq, Zoho Connect, Zoho Workdrive, Zoho Sheet, Word Processor, Zoho Writer, Zoho Show and Zoho Meeting. This package ensures a smooth workflow of most tasks in your business.

The interface is very convenient to use and navigate. The tools work flawlessly and with optimum speed to ensure your tasks are done on time.Adding more power to proceedings is Connect, a social intranet concept. Show, meanwhile, can be used for live data slide shows along with meat-and-potatoes applications like Writer (word processing) and Sheet (spreadsheets).

The Zoho ethos is very much on helping business users work using the benefit of cloud-based applications and Workplace succeeds in helping them achieve that. In fact, Zoho Workplace really benefits from the supplementary WorkDrive setup, which offers cloud document management. 

Zoho’s support is like their other products and services, Zoho Workplace comes with the bonus of a full support infrastructure, via a three tier system that compromises Classic, Premium and Enterprise help options. Alongside the online Zoho Cares hub, which contains a searchable database of help articles, there’s also a Knowledge Base. Combine the two and you’ve got lots of useful web-based information close at hand.

Zoho Workplace Pricing starts at Rs.99 per user per month and this is by far one of the most cost effective options in the market. This is best suitable for SMBs that would like to start streamlining processes inside the company.

If you want all of Zoho’s tools in one basket, you might want to check out Zoho One which is meant for power users with even more functionality requirements.


  • Lots of features
  • Reasonably priced
  • Combines lots of Zoho software


  • User Interface
  • Online only apps
  • Charge for non-free tier support

Microsoft 365

Microsoft includes MS Powerpoint, MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, Teams and Onedrive. These tools are very much sufficient to carry out day to day business activities. Microsoft has a legacy with it’s dominant market position with the MS Office Suite. Since a lot of people are very familiar with MS Office, it makes things very easy for a person to use Microsoft 365 tools.

MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel are legacy tools that pioneered the ecosystem. These tools have come a long way in terms of their capabilities. With a solid basement, these tools have built on various useful features that make work very efficient. The amount of features built on these apps is very high and remains one of the most feature rich Office Suites in the market.a

Outlook and Teams go hand in hand for collaboration. Teams is the new prince in the town, launching just 2-3 years back has captured a major share in the market because of the usability and features it comes with. Collaborative communication has never been this easy, thanks to Teams as it has paved way for modern tools from Microsoft.

Microsoft 365 takes a big leap over their competitors as it supports both online and offline usage of the apps bundled in it. This is an important feature because you can not predict when the internet connectivity could be bad or unavailable. 

Microsoft 365 Pricing starts at Rs.125 per user per month and is one of the effective options in the market. This is best suitable for Enterprise and Mid level companies


  • Most powerful office apps of any competitor
  • Offline Access
  • Available on almost all platforms
  • Smooth collaboration features
  • Elegant, user-friendly interface with extensive help features
  • All-in-one app for mail, contacts, and calendar


  • Problems accessing documents through web browsers during testing
  • Automated features in Word produce some unpredictable results
  • Some advanced features can be hard to access

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