Chrome for Education

Chrome for Education

Start transforming your school with Chromebooks

Chromebooks for Education are lightweight, durable laptops designed for the classroom. Made for learning and online exploration, Chromebooks are perfect for schools that are evolving to keep up with the increasingly digital world. Chromebooks are simple, affordable, easy to share, and extremely secure, making them the #1 selling device to US classrooms.

Unlock the capabilities of Chrome OS with Chrome Education Upgrade

Chrome Education Upgrade empowers IT to create educational environments for teachers and learners to thrive in, with enhanced management, security, and support capabilities. 

IT administrators working in education face the same challenges as other industries: supporting the needs of their end users, while juggling security, scalability, and cost. Chrome Education Upgrade unlocks the capabilities of Chrome OS so you can deliver on both. Creating the freedom for educators to provide exceptional learning experiences for their students, while ensuring security and management at every level.  

Chrome OS Upgrades Transform devices for standardized testing, enable SSO login, and set up automatic re-enrollment.

Device Management Choose from hundreds of policies to deploy, manage, lock down, and secure devices, all from the cloud-based Google Admin console.  

Learn how schools are using Chromebooks

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