Chrome Label Printing Solution

Chrome Label Printing Solution

A Label printing solution for Chromebooks

What is Chrome Label Printing?

CloudReign has developed a label printing solution for Chromebooks that allows cloud based applications to print thermal labels from Chromebooks.

Supports all major label code

The app has been tested on major printers (Zebra, Sato, GoDex and a few other brands). It also supports all the major languages like zpl, ezpl epl etc.

Ecommerce Label Printing

Ecommerce Label Printing Solution

D2C Label Printing Solution

Currently used in a large e-com facility

The app is being used to print thousands of labels across various locations in a major e-com company.

Print labels

Your application generates the zpl/epl code for labels and the same can be passed to our app for printing.

Print multiple labels

Your application generates multiple labels and sends a zip file and the same can be processed by our app for printing.

Automatic download and print

Your application generates the prn / zip file and the same can be downloaded and printed automatically.

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