Why Chromebooks are useful for Students?

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs Chrome OS by Google. It is a lightweight operating system that relies on the Chrome browser as its main user interface. You can basically do anything with the Chrome browser on a Chromebook. But that does not mean that you always need an internet connection to use Chromebooks, most activities on Chromebooks can be done offline as well. You just need to install the best addons from the Chrome Webstore. You can do some word processing and spreadsheets, also some quick photo editing and light gaming. With minimalistic and essential hardware at the heart of Chromebooks, these devices perform all the necessary activities that have to carried out by the students.

How is a Chromebook better for Students?

Chromebook for Education the best choice for students who mostly use computers for web browsing, word processing, video and audio streaming. You could use SD cards, flash drives and Google Drive for storage purposes. The Inbuilt flash memory in Chromebook is more sturdy than hard drives. Without extra games and other distracting features, Chromebooks are a standout for students to concentrate on their online lessons and academic activities. Students can write their papers with Google Docs and share their work straight from the Chromebook to their teacher or parent, no printing necessary. Students become a lot more tech savvy when a device like Chromebook is a part of their daily educational activity.

Google Chromebooks are superfast and offer a seamless experience. Booting takes just a few seconds and most activities involve Chrome browser and we all know how fast Chrome is. Needless to say that Chromebooks are also safe and secure. It is generally not attacked by viruses and resetting the device is very easy in case of a minor virus attack.

Chromebooks are easy to use. Google vouches that the simple interface and usability ensures a quick learning curve. Therefore, there’s no classroom time learning about how to use the Chromebook. The focus is on learning material.

How Chromebooks are different?

Our Chromebooks are designed for light usage and so is the pricing. You can grab Chromebooks at pocket friendly prices and make the most out of it. The capital expenditure is pretty low compared to procuring other laptops. Service and maintenance cost for Chromebooks is also very economical. These Chromebooks generally need very less interference after installation and require very less support from technical experts.

By having a standard 1:1 device policy, educators and parents can gain valuable insights into the student’s internet behaviour while proactively blocking potentially dangerous content. Tools like GoGuardian can block inappropriate content while opening up a new-world to educators with the data collected from their students.

Chromebooks are frequently updated with OS updates that focus on bringing in latest and most required features. These updates also enhance security of the devices and makes thins smoother.

To setup your new Chromebook with existing settings from an old Chromebook, all you need to do is enter your Google credentials and give the laptop a few minutes to sync, and you’ll be back where you left off. All the same apps, all the same settings, all the same files.

Special Features of Chromebook

A native screen recording tool makes it easier to record and reference virtual lessons and is simple to use. Once a user activates the recording tool from the Quick Settings panel, they can set their screen recording preference and audio settings.

Distance learning also increased the need for offline device use and support when users are not connected to the internet. With Chromebooks, you can literally run a school from anywhere in the world. It has most required features to implement an online classroom ecosystem. Be it online or offline schooling, Chromebooks com in handy for both use cases as the devices and the software are capable of handling Hybrid Educational models. Many schools utilise Google Classroom and Google Workspace for Education, both of which work natively on Chromebooks.

Chromebook is an inclusive device. It has Special Accessibility features like:

·        High contrast themes, magnification, and highlights for visually impaired users.

·        Audio customization options and captions for users who are deaf or hard of hearing.

·        Customizable keyboard settings, sticky keys, and dictation features for users with dexterity impairments and motor disabilities.

·        The ChromeVox screen reader, which enables people with visual impairments to use Chrome OS, and compatibility with braille devices for users who are blind or have severe vision loss.

Security and Battery Backup

To protect devices and data, Chromebooks use sandboxing, which is an organisational method that opens and runs each browser, web application, or internal application in its own “sandbox.” Chromebooks are easy for school districts and IT teams to manage. Chromebook has a web-based Google Admin console that allows IT teams to configure hundreds of device settings––including connectivity preferences, content filtering, and preinstalled applications. Chromebooks also use Verified Boot, which is a system integrity check that activates every time the device boots up.

Chromebooks offer very long battery life, meaning that you don’t have to find a nearby power plug point. While battery life varies by device and usage habits, Chromebooks can run up to 12 hours, on average, between charges. Better battery backup does not mean a heavy device, most Chromebooks weigh around 750 grams and that is way lighter than 90% of the laptops in the market.

Top Computer manufacturers like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and more have multiple options for Chromebooks. There are 2 in 1 and Touchscreen options available in some Chromebooks in India. Need a Chromebook with 4G connectivity? Need a better camera for high quality video conferencing? Need to use a stylus? Need a convertible? There is an option for every need you have. Various models that solve various purposes are available at your fingertips through Chromebook for Education at Cloudreign.

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