Digital Signage
A reliable, manageable and affordable digital signage deployment

Digital signage is a network of customizable displays attached to a Chrome device that can be controlled remotely using a browser and a console provided by Google, allowing content to be changed remotely for the most targeted messaging possible. Digital signage is used for a wide variety of purposes including customer facing and employee facing applications such as advertising, enhancing customer or employee experiences, corporate announcements, digital notice boards, influencing audience behavior, brand building, entertainment, security, interactive kiosks, creating corporate communities, etc.

Digital Signage

Why Digital Signage?

Attention Grabbing – Getting the attention of your audience is the most important part of any display. With “video-like” digital signage, viewers not just notice your dynamic sign but research shows they are more likely to receive the message and act on it.
Focused – Your content dynamically changes to deliver a focused message to your targeted audience at each location.
Dynamic – Digital signage can be interactive and dynamically changed to meet the demographics of your audience.
Cost-Effective – Eliminating the need to print and distribute static signs each time your message or campaign changes saves on costly printing and distribution fees. You can operate inhouse or outsource. No heavy logistics. No more hours lost reprinting outdated or erroneous materials.
Versatile – From menu boards, to corporate lobbies, to airports - digital signage offers a versatile solution for you to communicate your message to your audience. Start small with few digital signage and later expand to thousands.
Centralized – Control hundreds or thousands of displays around the world from one central location, ensuring quality and consistency, while requiring minimal resources to operate your digital signage network.

Digital Signage

Chrome devices for Digital signage

A reliable, manageable and affordable device management platform for practical digital signage deployments be it one screen or a thousand.

Reliable Performance

Chrome devices are built from ground up with reliability, speed, and simplicity as core pillars providing unmatched uptime and security for signage deployments.

Easy to Manage

Manage all your Chrome devices from a single console with the ability for network configuration, health monitoring, OS and app management.

Solution for all

  Chrome is based on industry standards with broad support for peripherals that can run on low-cost hardware. With an affordable device management license and broader app ecosystem, it is a platform for all.
  The Chrome-based digital signage is more reliable and easier to deploy than the other solutions, reducing time spent on maintenance, management and troubleshooting. It also saves on hardware and deployment costs. Content can be created using various sources and users can use the Chrome Signage Builder app to schedule the content on the devices as per their need.
  Chromeboxes are also available to use as the signage device instead of Chromebit, this is required if the display resolution is 4K.

Digital Signage

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