Fast laptops

Work faster

Chromebooks start up in only 8 seconds and are designed to work with modern business apps.

Cloud Device Management

Simple to manage

The management console allows you to easily deploy, configure and control 1000s of devices and apps in a couple of seconds. All from a single place.

Device security - no virusses or spam

Built-in security

Chromebooks have built in malware and virus protection and files are stored safely in the cloud, so a lost computer no longer means lost work.

Cheap laptop - Chromebook


A Chromebook is much cheaper than a traditional workstation and you will save even more when taking into account the deployment, management, security and maintenance costs.

Devices for Work

Take your video meeting to another level with Chromebox for meetings.

chromebox for meetings

Meetings from anywhere

With chromebox for meetings you can have HD boardroom conferences with up to 15 participants at an affordable price.

Easy to manage

Anyone can set up a chromebox by following the wizard. Chromebox for meetings is always up to date with the latest features and security fixes. 24/7 support included.

Chrome for kiosk

You can also leverage the core chromebox to display a single application or pictures on any screen. Easily manage all your devices via the management console.

Legacy application support

When you move to the cloud, you might do it gradually, where legacy applications need to be supported. Thanks to VDI-technology, users can access their legacy applications using Chromebooks. This makes these devices, also very suitable as a smarter and better alternative to thin clients.