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Every student needs a few basic things to get the most an education has to offer: tools to get and stay organized, a resource to study and find the information they need to know, and a system where they can communicate with other students and educators. G Suite for Education provide the set of tools and a platform along with Chromebooks can offer the complete solution for every students, teachers and institutions. This solution offers comprehensive set of tools for learning, storing, sharing along with simplified management, maintenance, also the applications and services are lightweight and easy on resources.

G Suite for Education
Bringing the 21st Century education to the Classroom

A suite of tools designed to empower educators and students as they learn and innovate together.
 •   A dedicated Gmail account that uses your schools domain name
  •   Unlimited user accounts with unlimited of storage space per account
  •   Docs for creating and sharing documents
  •   Calendar for organisation and activity planning
  •   Sheets for creating and maintaining spreadsheets
  •   Slides for creating class slideshow presentations
  •   Sites for creating websites for your class, or for specific projects
  •   Access to thousands of educator-approved apps, books and videos

G Suite for Education

In addition to the above G Suite classroom app is designed to work hand-in-hand with G Suite for education. Classroom helps teachers and support staff to keep classes organised and improve communication with their students.
   •   Create and collect paperless assignments
   •   Save time with paperless assignment workflow and multiple document copying
   •   Get more organised with student assignment pages and automated document storage
   •   Improve communication through online teacher announcements and class discussions

With the Classroom app, your students will be able to track their study schedule using a dedicated assignments page. Teachers will also be able to track student progress and communicate directly in real-time with all students.

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Chrome for Education
Device based learning for the 21st Century Classroom

With the right tools, students can achieve any goal. That’s why Chromebooks: simple, secure, and shareable devices that teachers and students can use to create and collaborate.
   •   Collect your classwork with a click
   •   Taking leave? You can still be present in the class
   •   Collaborate with your peers or with teachers
   •   Taking tests are a breeze
   •   Your chromebook is your new textbook
   •   Next Gen Apps to help solve problems in Math and Science
   •   Explore the world without leavng the classroom
   •   Use interactive books for the new age learning

Chromebook for Edu
Chromebooks are safe, secure and easy to manage.

   •  No worries about unsecure content - You have full control over what the student is browsing
   •  Completely safe. Does not need any additional security programs like anti-virus
   •  Has unlimited storage on the cloud. Never worry about space for life
   •  Less teching and more teaching but with the 21st century tools

Chromebooks are shareable, web-based devices that you can use to access the internet, enriching apps, and powerful extensions. With automatic updates and multi-layer security, Chromebooks continue to improve long after you buy them.

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Collaborate anytime and anywhere with a suite of tools for education with G Suite for Education, educators can create opportunities for learning, streamline administrative tasks, and challenge their students to think critically—all without disrupting current workflows.

Google for Edu

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